Museums on stages!

Museums on stages!

Age range: young children (aged 5-10) and families

Museums on Stage!, for young children aged from 5 to 10 years and their families, organized a calendar of ten weekend events from 3 March to 1 April 2012. The initiative placed the museum at the center of attention by using the magical magnifying glass of theatre and poetry to make it become part of an imaginary tale, capable of involving adults and young children and encouraging a harmonious dialogue between various expressive languages. 
These theatrical itineraries stimulated the public to see the museum in an unconventional light. Each museum was scheduled to give two separate “performances” using the different languages of poetry and the theatre, yet all linked by the common thread of promoting both the works and museum setting. This included a lively reading of the ballads-rhymes, written specially by Roberto Piumini for this edition, and the production of theatrical performances by some of the most important children’s theatre companies in the region. One key word linked the two parts which, if the children guessed correctly and said it out loud, enabled the curtain to be opened and the play to start.

Number of participants: An average of approximately 70 members of the audience for each event for a total of over 800 participants.

The project was organized with the contribution of the Region of Umbria.