Terre & Musei dell'Umbria itinerant infopoint

Terre & Musei dell'Umbria itinerant infopoint

Terre & Musei dell’Umbria itinerant infopoint promotes the circuit of the museums of its twelve cities. It is composed of a mobile desk positioned in the old town centre of every cities during one of their most important events.

At the information point you will receive promotional material of the circuit, its services and activities. 

You will also receive "Terre & Musei dell'Umbria passport", for an exclusive journey thorugh the masterpieces of these twelve cities. Visiting the museums of the circuit, you will obtain profits after the reaching of some steps (4, 8 and 12 visited museums), as free entries, exclusive guided tours and discounts on purchases in the bookshops of the museums.
Passport validity is 1 year after the first endorsement.


28th-29th May
SPELLO Infiorate di Spello

11st-12nd June

18th-19th June
MARSCIANO Festa di San Giovanni

25th-26th June
BEVAGNA Il Mercato delle Gaite

30th-31st July
DERUTA In piazza sotto le stelle

6th-7th August
BETTONA Sagra dell’Oca

13rd-14th August
MONTEFALCO Agosto Montefalchese

20th-21st August
MONTONE Donazione della Santa Spina

3rd-4th September
CANNARA Festa della Cipolla di Cannara

10th-11th September
UMBERTIDE Settembre Umbertidese

End of October/beginning of November
TREVI Ottobre Trevano / Palio dei Terzieri